15/01/2012 – Concert in the Concert Hall of the Music University of F. Chopin in Warsaw
15 January 2012
23/03/2012 – Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day
23 March 2012
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21/02/2012 – Nomination of the album “Łukaszewski & Bembinow. Carols and Pastorales “for the Fryderyk Award 2012

Members of the Phonographic Academy will choose laureates to this year award by 29 March, 2012. We will get to know the results of their voting at the Gala which will be broadcasted by TVP 2. Until then, the envelopes with the names of winners will be kept in the notary deposit.

The Fryderyk Music Awards are selected  by way of a secret two-round Internet voting of over 1200 members of  the Phonographic Academy. The Academy  associates artists nominated in the previous editions, music producers, journalists and recording industry representatives. An independent audit firm BFA Audyt ensures confidentiality and secrecy of results till their announcement at the final Gala ceremony.

This year 112 albums of classical music have applied for  the nomination to Fryderyk 2012 Award.

The choir ‘Puellae Orantes’ received the nomination in the category of Album of the Year – Choral and Oratorio Music.

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