18-21/08/2018 – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Cantemus w Nyíregyháza (Węgry)
2 września 2018
16/10/2018 – Koncert TU ES PETRUS
16 października 2018
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18-21/08/2018 – Cantemus International Festival in Nyíregyháza (Hungary)

The choir received an invitation to participate in the festival from the Cantemus Institute. The director of the Institute – Szabó Dénes – expressed his willingness to cooperate with “Puellae Orantes” a year ago, after a choir performance during the “Leonardo da Vinci” International Competition in Florence.

The Institute derives from the “Cantemus” children’s choir, founded in 1975 by Denes Szabo. Based on the method of Zoltan Kodaly and conducting music education, from children aged several years to professionals, over several decades became a huge institution, now associating several choirs. “Cantemus” is the record winner of more than 50 first prizes in prestigious, international competitions and 14 Grand Prix prizes. Due to the high artistic level of the choirs, a unique educational program, extensive international activity, in 2004 the Cantemus Choir Institute was established. The Institute has released over 40 CDs. Systematically runs international master courses and the Cantemus International Festival and Competition.

The “Puellae Orantes” choir performed in two concerts. The first one, recorded by the Hungarian Radio, was held in Nyírbátor, and the second in the Kodaly School Concert Hall, which is also the headquarters of the Cantemus Institute.

The most important, final event was the concert of the Gala Concert, during which the winners of the competition and invited guests performed. An extremely colorful and dynamic concert took place at Continental Aréna, with the participation of excellent choirs from China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Argentina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Russia, Hungary and Poland, represented by the Girls’ Cathedral Choir “Puellae Orantes”.


Photo gallery – Concert in Nyírbátor
Photo gallery – Our room at the Kodaly School
Photo gallery – Patriotic attempt to create the word Poland
Photo gallery – Concert in the Kodaly School
Photo gallery – Rehearsal before the Gala Concert 
Photo gallery – Before the Gala Concert
Photo gallery – the Gala Concert