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14 November 2017
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Ave Maria (2012)



Ave Maria

1. Chorał gregoriański Ave Maria
2. Arnold von Bruck Ave Maria
3. Claudio Monteverdi (opr. Łukasz Farcinkiewicz) Ave Maria
4. Johannes Brahms (opr. Marcel Chyrzyński) Ave Maria Op. 12
5. Zoltan Kadaly Ave Maria
6. Franz Schubert (opr. Paweł Sydor) Ave Maria
7. Anton Bruckner (opr. Denis Mason) Ave Maria
8. Gustav Holst Ave Maria
9. Johann Sebastian Bach / Charles Gounod(opr. Paweł Sydor) Ave Maria
10. Norbert Rosseau Ave Maria Op. 43
11. Paweł Sydor Ave Maria
12. Louie Madrid Calleja Ave Maria Op. 74a
13. Miłosz Bembinow Modlitwa Ave Maria
14. Paweł Łukaszewski Ave Maria gratia plena
15. Michał Lorenc (opr. Łukasz Farcinkiewicz) Ave Maria

The ‘Ave Maria’ record includes 15 the most beautiful pieces written to the Latin text ‘Ave Maria. The repertoire is a review that begins with the Gregorian chant through the works of Renaissance, Romanticism, Neo-romanticism up to masterpieces of modern music. The most famous and the best known works composed by J.S.Bach/Ch.Gounod and F.Schubert and arranged especially for the choir, were recorded on this CD. A remarkable feature of the album are the works that were composed at the order of the ‘Puellae Orantes’ Choir by the Polish composers : Paweł Łukaszewski, Paweł Sydor, Miłosz Bembinow as well as a development of a piece written by an outstanding composer of film music – Michał Lorenc. Thoughtfully chosen repertoire and the performing team (the girls’ choir, soprano solo, a string quartet and a harp) helped to create a record of a warm and lyrical nature.

The sound material was recorded at the turn of May and June, 2012 in the interior of Nowy Wiśnicz Castle. The album’s publisher is ‘Musica Sacra Edition’ . The radio RMF Classic extended its media patronage over the ‘Ave Maria’ album.