29 December 2012

29/12/2012 – Concert in the Church of the Missionary Fathers in Tarnów

On 29 December , in the Missionary Church in Tarnow, the Christmas Carols Concert was held whose purpose was to […]
15 December 2012

15/12/2012 – Concert at the Podkarpacka Philharmonic

On 15 December the choir gave the Advent-Christmas Carols Concert in the Podkarpacka Philharmonic named after Artur Malawski in Rzeszów. […]
24 October 2012

17/10/2012 – 24/10/2012 Concerts in France. Promotion of the “Ave Maria” album

In October, 2012 ‘Puellae Orantes’ took another trip abroad, this time to France. On 18,19 and 20 October, the Tarnów […]
14 October 2012

13/10/2012 & 14/10/2012 – Concerts promoting the album “Ave Maria” in Krakow and Bochnia

The next concerts that were promoting the album ‘Ave Maria’ took place on 13 October in St. Mary’ Basilica in […]
23 September 2012

23/09/2012 – Concert in the Church of the Savior in Warsaw. Promotion of the “Ave Maria” album

At the invitation of the firm M8 Triforium3 Sp. Z o.o. SKA, the Choir ‘Puellae Orantes’ gave a concert in […]