13/10/2012 & 14/10/2012 – Concerts promoting the album “Ave Maria” in Krakow and Bochnia
14 October 2012
15/12/2012 – Concert at the Podkarpacka Philharmonic
15 December 2012
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17/10/2012 – 24/10/2012 Concerts in France. Promotion of the “Ave Maria” album

In October, 2012 ‘Puellae Orantes’ took another trip abroad, this time to France. On 18,19 and 20 October, the Tarnów group gave three concerts to promote ‘Ave Maria’ record in Burgundy. Next concerts were held in the concert hall of the Centre of Culture named after M. Corneloup in St. Leger and in the other towns – Saint Honore les Bains and Perreuil.

The performers were: The Girls’ Cathedral Choir ‘Puellae Orantes’, the string quartet ‘Airis’, Aleksandra Topor – soprano, the conductor – Rev. Władysław Pachota.

The concerts were held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The project was subsidized from the means of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage

The patron of the choir is TAURON Polska Energia.